89 Hours Fasted So Far…..

Hello everyone. I am closing in on finishing day four of water fasting. When I weighed myself this morning I lost another 1.8 lbs. WOW!! That means in 3 days I have lost 7 lbs exactly. That is the most weight I have lost in that amount of time in years. Ok…this water fasting thing is working. How long can I keep it up is the question.

I woke up this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:15 am….and today is Saturday, my one day to sleep in as long as I like. I laid there for about an hour assessing how I felt…I felt good! The lethargy was gone…thank God as that has been tough for me. I used the bathroom, and then went to my office to jump on the scale and take my blood sugar. Usually with the dawn effect I have been around 120 in the morning, but today was 105…Progress.

I decided I could do my normal chores for the day and went to Costco without my husband to help me. The food didn’t tempt me which surprised me. My hunger is just about non-existent. Mental hunger is pretty in check too. I love the taste of Fiji water, so I’m drinking that with a couple of dropper fulls of Dr. Eric Burg’s trace mineral liquid. This is to, hopefully, circumvent my hair from falling out as this is a very common problem for prolonged water fasters.

I stopped by the grocery butcher on the way home and bought some beef knuckles and soup bones, and they also had pigs feet. I know what you are thinking…gross! But I make my own bone broth and I will put one in to get the collagen from it….I won’t actually eat it but will strain it out. I tend to leave the beef parts in as I love to eat those.

When I decide to come off of this 14+ day water fast, I will make bone broth to sip. I have read that this is the easiest way to come off of an extended fast and easiest on your gut. This is very important for me since I have Celiac’s Disease. I try to be extra kind to my insides. Then I will probably have some steamed veggies, cauliflower is my fav, with some grass fed butter. I use Kerrygold brand as I find that tastes really good to me.

One of my many medical problems that I hope to cure, or at the very least make better, is my severe dry eye. Two and a half years ago my eyes stopped producing moisture overnight. Not only did my tears stop being produced, but the surface of my eye stopped making the mucousy layer. This was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. My cornea disintegrated and my pain was a ten. I called my eye doctor and he saw me right away.

Dr. MacDonald looks to be about twenty years old, but he is the most caring man. He told me that my eyes were severely dry and that my eyes were full of corneal abrasions. He said my eyes and all of the adjoining flesh was highly irritated and inflamed. I didn’t know what the correlation was at the time, but my blood sugar was in the pre-diabetic range at that time and I was obese. I was becoming a type II diabetic and didn’t even know.

One of the facts that I have learned since that day was that dry eye and inflammation can occur when your insulin is constantly high. That was me in a nut shell. I would spend the next 3 months in agony, with no improvement, and no end to the searing burning pain of my eyes. Many amazing things happened to me at this point. I wrote out my will (voice to text works great when you can’t open your eyes), I found God, truly, and I vowed that if I got through this I would live a healthier life and fix my body.

I did lose some weight since then, but I gained about 10 lbs of it back slowly of the last year, so this wasn’t me living up to my vow. That brings me to today and why I am water fasting. I am doing it for several reasons. I need to finally heal my body, lose this weight, and just feel better!

I find recipes all of the time. If you haven’t tried fathead pizza, it is the best thing in the world! Let me know what content you are interested in and I will incorporate it into my blog. In the mean time, I will keep fasting, keep posting my daily weight and daily struggles to accomplish this goal of mine, and I will start posting information that I find that I find Ketogenically relevant.

Thanks for reading!!

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