Warning: TMI

So I started the day waking up hungry….I knew I was going to break my fast. I don’t ever wake up hungry, but I was starving. I was very weak also, and this makes working very hard. I not only had to do my job, but I was covering for a person out on medical leave starting today and for the next two weeks….UGH! I started working but decided by 11:00 am that enough was enough.

I suspected that I was going to feel this way so made a bone broth in the slow cooker. I Poured a bowl and starting eating…slowly. I had lost .6 lbs this morning, so a total just over 10 lbs so I was ready to eat today. So here is the TMI part. About an hour later, my insides started to cramp and gurgle. I spent the next 30 minutes in the bathroom with every bit of what I ate coming out of me….violently. So much for starting to eat!! I just ate dinner…waiting to see if it stays in me.

On a happy note, I didn’t have a Dawn Effect. My morning blood glucose level was 85. I was so happy. And then I checked my blood sugar two hours after I ate and it was 119. Thats pretty normal. So I have made some health progress strides…huge strides

So what’s next for me? I decided to fast 42 hours three times a week and when I do eat, it will be what Dr. Eric Berg calls “Healthy Keto”. This means eating 7-10 cups of veggies per day, 3-6 oz of protein per meal, and fat to top it off. I will drink coffee with a few tablespoons of heavy cream and a few drops of liquid organic stevia. The rest of the day will be water; flat and bubbly.

I booked my vacation for February 2020 for the Dominican Republic. I need to be bikini ready….not perfect, but close if possible. I will do another extended fast in the next 2-3 weeks….probably for 3-4 days. One thing that did not go away this time during my fast was the feeling of always being weak. No matter what I did, licking salt, drinking a big glass of water, resting, etc., I always felt weak. I figure that was because this was the first time I was able to have a “normal” blood sugar level and my body hasn’t been there in over two years really. My insulin was down, glucose was down, and ketones were UP!

I just started using a new fasting app called Life Fasting on the Apple App Store. IT IS SOOOO COOL! If you fast, you should check it out. It tells you when you are most likely in Ketosis, autophagy, and when your HGH(Human Growth Hormone) is starting or going up. It even connects you with a fasting community, which is cool. I haven’t used that feature yet, but I will play around with it and let you know what I think.

I’m going to take pictures tomorrow, as I didn’t have time today. And weigh myself. I suspect that I will have gained about 3 lbs with food etc in me. I’ll let you know….but for now, I am fasting again and don’t plan on eating tomorrow except for coffee with cream and water. More to follow tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Warning: TMI

  1. I’m an IFer as well! Stumbled across your blog through WordPress. I haven’t done any fasts longer than 24*. But I’ve been plateaued since last August so may need to step up my game.


    1. This is what’s done it for me. I tried different lengths and have found if I habitually do 48 hours 3 times a week, or fasts longer than 72 hours, I lose consistently. Its easier to fast longer when you are in deep ketosis and fat adapted. Ketosis takes about 48-72 hours, but fat adaptation can take 6 weeks. Good luck and thanks for reading. More content to come this week!


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