Tuesday….It Sucked

The first day of eating after fasting you would think is a wonderful day. That is a fallacy. Nothing tastes as good as you mind tells you it will. Why is that? My theory is because your insulin is lower, glucose is lower, and your craving is mental….not physical. You have made a huge stride in healing your body when you do a 6 day water fast. Healing your mental “need” for food is quite another.

Nothing tasted good. About the only thing that matched my mental flavor was my coffee and heavy cream. Ahhhh….my old standby. It is ever faithful and satisfying. I think I could just coffee and cream fast. I made a cheese burger (grass fed of course) and leftover cauliflower and cheese. It’s my version of Mac n Cheese, but with cauliflower so is Keto approved. It is the best thing next to sliced bread in the Keto world. Not only is it tasty, but it is high in fat, moderate in protein, and litteraly devoid of horrible carbs! Everything just tasted okay.

BUT….yes there is a wonderful but. My glucose was low all day…in the lower 90’s. Amazing. I need to do some more prolonged fasting. More on that later. Maybe I will do a 3 day next week? Something to ponder perhaps. My blood sugar has been staying in the 90’s now…instead of the One-teens or One-Twentys so I think fasting helped.

Let’s see what the next fast brings.

Thanks for reading….Heather

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