Time to Fast

So tonight after dinner I am going to start another fast. Two weeks ago I did water only. This time I am going to do coffee with heavy cream, bone broth, and Dr. Bergs electrolyte powder. Maybe this will help me to feel a little better.

When I did water only two weeks ago, the entire 6 days I spent laying down. I was so weak it was hard to climb the stairs in my house to get to my office. I was out of breath, weak, and tired. And yes, I did have pink salt every day….even took a few sigs of pickle juice but it didn’t help one bit. I know that with a water only fast, and me being in the state of ketosis already when I started, it wasn’t long before autophagy kicked in and I think this is why I felt like crap. To put it simply, I have a lot of garbage my body needs to take out.

This time, with having coffee and cream and more importantly, bone broth, I think this will ease some, if not all of the feelings of being weak. I wasn’t hungry the entire time, just some mental hunger. I think that’s to be expected from someone who is overweight….they are used to eating when its lunch or dinner time!

I made my own bone broth and it came out excellent! When it was done cooling in the fridge, I skimmed 95% of the fat off and let it sit another 24 hours. When it was done it was a solid thick gelatinous bowl of perfection. If your read Dr. KellyAnn, this means that you made it correctly….lots of collagen makes it like jello. If you aren’t familiar with Dr. KellyAnn, I suggest you check out her book. Its called Dr. KellyAnn’s Bone Broth Diet. It makes fasting easier, heals leaky gut syndrome, helps you burn fat, and you joints feel 20 years younger!! At least mine do.

Thanks for reading


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