Carnivore Frank Tufano Consultation

So tonight I have a Skype call with the YouTuber, Chef, and Carnivore Diet extraordinaire, Frank Tufano. He is a health coach and has a thriving Youtube Channel simply called “Frank Tufano”, and also another YouTube channel, “Frankies Free Range Meat”, for his meat business that is brand new and a great resource for Grass Fed meats and other low carb, Keto, and Carnivore food stuffs. With almost 50K subscribers, he is a great resource for this WOL.

24 days into Carnivore and I feel better, but haven’t lost weight as of yet. I had to send Frank a full day of eating, drinking, exercise, and sun exposure time. I’m not sure if he is going to like what I did in the day, but that’s why I am paying for this consultation. Critique me!!

I am now 4 days into his protocol and I am detoxing a bit…..I will write some details later/tomorrow.



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