14 Day Water Fast

Today begins my 14 day water fast inspired by the works of Dr. Jason Fung. If you haven’t read his books, or quite literally tons of blog posts, youtube interviews, well….you are missing out. I have tried everything to heal my body from the ravages of Celiacs Disease to no avail save this. So her I begin.

I hate black coffee…it is bitter, and boring. BUT, I need to learn to embrace this dark liquid as it will be my saving grace during this fast. I LOVE COFFEE with heavy cream and stevia…Bye stevia…Parting is such sweet sorrow. Until we meet again. In the mean time…water and black coffee it is…at least for the next 14 days.

I have started YouTubing in an attempt to keep myself accountable. I even disclose my weight and measurements. I stand up and do a full body shot. YUCK. My double chin is disgusting. I have a ton of symptoms even though I have been gluten free and low carb for years. Time for a full body reboot. My video is HERE if you want to check it out. OMG I need to lose weight and lower my inflammation now.

241.2 LBS is morbidly obese so I have no choice but to do something about it. When you have fucked your body so hard with trash habits for so long, you have to do something like this to fix it and that is where I am as of today. I woke up with an epiphany. I had been praying about what to try next to try and fix my health. I know that the diet was correct, Keto/Carnivore, as I feel really good on that diet, but the weight just hasn’t been shifting. Then like magic, God, I found the article from Megan Ramos on the IDM website for Dr. Jason Fung’s blog.

Basically my name was in the MastHead of the article (not really but it might as well have been). It was blinking, making an alarm sound, and saying this is you…this is you!!! So I read the 3 part series and low and behold it answered my question. SIGH…that was a large and exaggerated sigh. OK GOD!!! I get it…I must fast. So 14 days is a good place to start. If I need to do another 14 after this one, I will take a few days to re-feed and do it again…If I need to do it 6 times, that is what I will do. Black coffee and all.

So wish me luck and follow along, both here and youtube.com. Thank you for listening to my rant and journey beginning…Pray for me, and send me your strength.


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