The Lion Diet

Ok…the ultimate elimination diet. Meat, Salt, and Water. Easy. No fuss…no thinking…This is the diet that cured Mikhaila Peterson from a TON of medical problems…If you don’t know who she is, check out her page or her youtube channel. She is AMAZING!! I am starting her way of life tomorrow. I am one sick (medically, not mentally, LOL) person and I feel as though I am dying. Keto hasn’t helped, sloppy Carnivore hasn’t helped, fasting helps for a while until I start eating again, so I am trying her WOL for 6 weeks and I will take stock at that point to see if ANY of my symptoms are getting better.

Currently I have mouth sores that have lasted for a few weeks and the doctors are baffled. YAY…even the medical professionals don’t know what it is so they tell me its a virus and it just has to run its course. Well this is the 4th time it has happened in 2 years…The first time it lasted 3 months where I lost my sense of taste completely. I couldn’t even taste salt!! I was in pain 24/7….I am right now…Joints hurt…I have SEVERE Brain fog…severe…I can’t remember anything to save my life. If it wasn’t for Siri I would forget everything. This is totally sucking.

I feel like I’m dying. Like my body is shutting down….slowly and painfully. SO, I begin tomorrow. Meet (mostly grass-fed beef and wild shot Elk curtesy of my husband), salt (Redmond Brand), and water….filtered or Fuji Brand. That is it…for 6 weeks….This is what she recommends to do a complete health overhaul, then see if you can add other foods in or does an unfavorable reaction happen. I can tell you right now, If I feel good, I may never eat anything else again. I’ve spent YEARS slowly dying, and if I feel good, why would I want to mess with that???

I will update periodically and let you know how its going, but check her out in the mean time. She has some great interviews on with Joe Rogan and others. She saved her life…she was dying…like me. What have I got to lose? Nothing else has worked to heal me.

Thanks for listening to my rant


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