Love (and Weight Gain) in the Time of Covid

The world is different than it was….before this all started. Before the world was shut down. Before the Pandemic….some call it the “PLandemic”. Some say its not real, some say its hyped. It is a Virus, thats not in question. Deaths have occurred all over the world, targeting mostly elderly, and people with co-morbid diseases. But from my point of view, two things have changed….a lot. Love/Relationships, and how we eat.

At first they called it the Covid 15, meaning 15 lbs gained during lockdown. People made jokes about it, but now as the pandemic has continued for months, people have either continued to gain, or decided to take the initiative and actually lose weight. I did the latter. Having lost about 35 lbs during the pandemic, I can say that it was my diet (Carnivore) that did it for me. I haven’t always been able to get to the gym, nor did I always want to go but I always have control of what I put into my mouth, or at least I tell myself that. Am I perfect on what I eat? FAR FROM IT!! But I try to eat about 95% correct.

So where does the love part come in? Well, it’s hard to meet new people, let alone date right now since social distancing is a key word in our daily vocabulary right now. So we are evolving to Zoom, Google Meet, or other video chat services for dating. My fear is that this changes us on a psychological level. Social graces are not the same and people are a little bit more bold in what they say. Also, you can hide your weight gain when you aren’t meeting someone in person now. Maybe this gives you a license to keep gaining….maybe you say you will start getting healthy next week. You feel fat, depressed, and isolated. This is a recipe for a weight gain disaster!

I’m here to tell you that getting a hold of what you put in your mouth, right now, this very day and moving forward is important. Right now, while other daily life distractions are gone, focus on YOU! Make a pledge to start today. I am 8 months carnivore this week. And I’m thankful for starting 8 months ago. Do you want to know what I eat? Its pretty simple really.

I eat steak, elk, deer (my husband hunts), Hillshire Farms sausages, cheese, cream, coffee (not technically carnivore but I don’t have issues with this wonderful drink), shrimp, fish, butter (lots of it), ghee, suet, and anything that comes from an animal. I eat two times a day, fast about 18 hours a day (end of dinner till late lunch the next day), drink lots of water, sprinkle my food with Redmond’s Real Salt, and have seltzer waters too. Thats about it….easy peasy. Keep it simple, especially in the beginning. Eggs and bacon are a great meal at any time or meal of the day.

So as far as LOVE goes… husband says I look fantastic. I still have a ways to go, but I’m down almost 3 sizes since starting April 12th of this year. He also lost weight and dropped a few inches off of his waist, but he does Keto instead of Carnivore. So if you are married, start today so you feel better for yourself and your mate. If you are single, start today so when life after Covid starts, and people are meeting face to face again, you look AWESOME!!!

So now what am I going to do to continue losing weight and getting health? Next post will be about my “rolling 48’s” and Carnivore.



P.S. I’m on Instagram at Carnivorelady46

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