Did You Stay on Plan for Thanksgiving???

What is my answer? I have never ever eaten Keto or Carnivore on a Holiday. Ever…These are the days that I eat whatever I want. Chips, Gluten Free crackers (my Celiacs doesn’t allow for regular crackers, bread, pies, etc.) desserts, mashed potatoes, corn….you get the idea. BUT, this year I stayed KETO! I had some cauliflower mashed potatoes, but I did not eat chips, did not buy gluten free sugary desserts (I made keto cheesecake), or anything else high in carbs.

I have NEVER eaten on plan for a holiday until this year. I am very proud of myself. But there is a big BUT to this. The day after Thanksgiving I got only what can be described as a stomach flu and as I write this I am still suffering. I know a tummy flu can last 3-5 days. I don’t think its food poisoning as it hasn’t been a violent issue. I just have a nagging, punched in the gut feeling. I can eat, although I don’t really feel like it very much. The first day I did have violent, um, evacuations, but since then, just a tummy ache.

Mint tea has been my drink of choice right now, but nothing is really helping. It is slightly less today so maybe it is on the way out so to speak? I hope so. So I did not gain weight this holiday, thankfully. How did you do? Did you make a deal with yourself to eat whatever you want? Or to eat one thing that was off plan?

So my plan now is to get over this tummy bug thing, then I want to fast once to twice per week, 48-72 hour fasts and then follow it up with a high fatty, moderate protein meal. What is your current eating plan? How is it working for you?

Short post, but more to come

Thank you.


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