The Lion Diet

Ok…the ultimate elimination diet. Meat, Salt, and Water. Easy. No fuss…no thinking…This is the diet that cured Mikhaila Peterson from a TON of medical problems…If you don’t know who she is, check out her page or her youtube channel. She is AMAZING!! I am starting her way of life tomorrow. I am one sick (medically, not mentally, LOL) person and I feel as though I am dying. Keto hasn’t helped, sloppy Carnivore hasn’t helped, fasting helps for a while until I start eating again, so I am trying her WOL for 6 weeks and I will take stock at that point to see if ANY of my symptoms are getting better.

Currently I have mouth sores that have lasted for a few weeks and the doctors are baffled. YAY…even the medical professionals don’t know what it is so they tell me its a virus and it just has to run its course. Well this is the 4th time it has happened in 2 years…The first time it lasted 3 months where I lost my sense of taste completely. I couldn’t even taste salt!! I was in pain 24/7….I am right now…Joints hurt…I have SEVERE Brain fog…severe…I can’t remember anything to save my life. If it wasn’t for Siri I would forget everything. This is totally sucking.

I feel like I’m dying. Like my body is shutting down….slowly and painfully. SO, I begin tomorrow. Meet (mostly grass-fed beef and wild shot Elk curtesy of my husband), salt (Redmond Brand), and water….filtered or Fuji Brand. That is it…for 6 weeks….This is what she recommends to do a complete health overhaul, then see if you can add other foods in or does an unfavorable reaction happen. I can tell you right now, If I feel good, I may never eat anything else again. I’ve spent YEARS slowly dying, and if I feel good, why would I want to mess with that???

I will update periodically and let you know how its going, but check her out in the mean time. She has some great interviews on with Joe Rogan and others. She saved her life…she was dying…like me. What have I got to lose? Nothing else has worked to heal me.

Thanks for listening to my rant


14 Day Water Fast

Today begins my 14 day water fast inspired by the works of Dr. Jason Fung. If you haven’t read his books, or quite literally tons of blog posts, youtube interviews, well….you are missing out. I have tried everything to heal my body from the ravages of Celiacs Disease to no avail save this. So her I begin.

I hate black coffee…it is bitter, and boring. BUT, I need to learn to embrace this dark liquid as it will be my saving grace during this fast. I LOVE COFFEE with heavy cream and stevia…Bye stevia…Parting is such sweet sorrow. Until we meet again. In the mean time…water and black coffee it is…at least for the next 14 days.

I have started YouTubing in an attempt to keep myself accountable. I even disclose my weight and measurements. I stand up and do a full body shot. YUCK. My double chin is disgusting. I have a ton of symptoms even though I have been gluten free and low carb for years. Time for a full body reboot. My video is HERE if you want to check it out. OMG I need to lose weight and lower my inflammation now.

241.2 LBS is morbidly obese so I have no choice but to do something about it. When you have fucked your body so hard with trash habits for so long, you have to do something like this to fix it and that is where I am as of today. I woke up with an epiphany. I had been praying about what to try next to try and fix my health. I know that the diet was correct, Keto/Carnivore, as I feel really good on that diet, but the weight just hasn’t been shifting. Then like magic, God, I found the article from Megan Ramos on the IDM website for Dr. Jason Fung’s blog.

Basically my name was in the MastHead of the article (not really but it might as well have been). It was blinking, making an alarm sound, and saying this is you…this is you!!! So I read the 3 part series and low and behold it answered my question. SIGH…that was a large and exaggerated sigh. OK GOD!!! I get it…I must fast. So 14 days is a good place to start. If I need to do another 14 after this one, I will take a few days to re-feed and do it again…If I need to do it 6 times, that is what I will do. Black coffee and all.

So wish me luck and follow along, both here and Thank you for listening to my rant and journey beginning…Pray for me, and send me your strength.



So tonight was a meatloaf made of 3 lbs of deer meat, my husband is a bow hunter, 1/2 lb of grass fed beef, three eggs, a stick of softened butter, a cup of shredded parmesan cheese, and salt to taste. Make it into a loaf and cover with strips of thick bacon. Bake it in the over for 30 min at 400 degrees and then 45 mint 375 degrees. My husband said it was the best he ever had. Simple but yummy.

I decided that I am not going to cheat once a week like I have been doing. I want to see if I can really dig in and get healthy. I also am making more time for myself. Taking a writing workshop as I am writing a book and need a little inspiration here and there.

It is quite an undertaking to write a whole book. And the key part is to make it interesting and make sense all at the same time. LOL. I have a long way to go.

Did you see that Morningstar brand has gross plant based patties that are supposed to taste like meat? Did you also see the ingredients in these disgusting looking things??? Is it also coincidence that Morningstar is reference to the Devil? Just making an observation.

How can that be healthier than eating just meat, or veggies and meat??? I don’t understand how this can even sound good in someones head. These companies are making lifelong customers by making them sick and then becoming a pharmaceutical customer.

Thank you,


3…2…1… RANT

Sorry I have been gone so long. I have been dealing with some personal issues. My daughter is leaving for boot camp in 5 short weeks, she just graduated from high school and is entering the military world via the Marine Corp. Majorly proud momma.

On top of that, she has a tooth that was damaged when she was 6 when she fell face first into a cement slab. We have been watching this front tooth since that day and as of 2 years ago it was starting to die. I was told that we couldn’t do anything about this tooth till she was 25 because that would be when her jaw would stop growing. So since then I haven’t paid much attention to it as there is no pain.

As a precaution I decided to get my daughters teeth cleaned before she goes to boot camp just so I had peace of mind…no cavities or anything. BUT, her tooth is now infected at the root level. It is her front tooth so we can’t just pull it out. Can you image an 18 year old girl at boot camp missing a front tooth??? She said she would be mortified.

So, in rush her dentist and dental surgeon. I have everyone fast tracking a Maryland bridge, and pulling the tooth, and putting in a piece of cadaver bone all within two weeks. Crisis averted by paying a lot.

Then on top of this, I have been carnivore now for over two months….I have cheated a few times, but I have noticed that my body is changing shape….no I haven’t weighed myself. My husband has complimented me on how much “tighter” I look…his words, not mine. “Oh, and your butt is smaller”. I guess that’s a good thing too, LOL.

So my question is, have you guys seen this new vegan “burger” patty that is out????? Can you say hidden agenda???? Look at the ingredients and tell me that this is healthy for you….If you can say that with a straight face, then you are a FUCKING liar….sorry for the language but this thing is ridiculous. If I ate that many chemicals, my liver would tell me its done. OMG

Please don’t buy into this piece of crap “food” (word is used loosely). It is another FoodLike Substance. Eat real food. Let me ask any vegan what they would eat if they were in the wild. Berries? maybe if there were somewhere warm year round. Tubers, likely….but unskilled people would find fish and rabbits and the like their main source of nourishment.

Have you ever seen the show Alone? These people get dropped into the wilderness and they are forced to survive in intense climates. I don’t think they are going to be picking fake vegan burgers off of any tree or bush.

Rant is over…..for now.

Thank you,


Carnivore Frank Tufano Consultation

So tonight I have a Skype call with the YouTuber, Chef, and Carnivore Diet extraordinaire, Frank Tufano. He is a health coach and has a thriving Youtube Channel simply called “Frank Tufano”, and also another YouTube channel, “Frankies Free Range Meat”, for his meat business that is brand new and a great resource for Grass Fed meats and other low carb, Keto, and Carnivore food stuffs. With almost 50K subscribers, he is a great resource for this WOL.

24 days into Carnivore and I feel better, but haven’t lost weight as of yet. I had to send Frank a full day of eating, drinking, exercise, and sun exposure time. I’m not sure if he is going to like what I did in the day, but that’s why I am paying for this consultation. Critique me!!

I am now 4 days into his protocol and I am detoxing a bit…..I will write some details later/tomorrow.



20 Days Carnivore Diet

So today marks the 20th day of being Carnivore. Yes…I have cheated twice. But I have to say that I am feeling a little better. My fasting blood glucose is averaging in the 90’s in the morning and high 70’s to low 80’s in the day. A long way from being in the 12o’s! So I will keep going. I think I want to start intermittent fasting again. Have any of you done carnivore?

The Science behind this way of eating says that this is the Ultimate Elimination Diet. Good for people like me…..Celiacs (or other digestive type diseases). I thought that I would be craving all kinds of food, and my period is due this week, but I only craved a little. Missing salad a little. But other than that, not so much. I have not weighed myself, but I don’t think I have lost any significant weight. BUT, I have read and watched youtube videos about this exact subject saying that once my body heals I will start to lose weight.

I think that healing my insulin resistance is KEY!!! I can’t stress that last point enough. I have been metabolically insulin resistant for YEARS and it has taken a toll on my body in many ways. My inflammation is high, but I think is coming down. Resetting…healing…calming….over time. I just need to keep going.

Chicken does not fill me up and I feel off after I have eaten just that….Beef is the winner but I only eat grass fed/finished beef…so let me tell you that this gets expensive!! OMG! But if I eat store bought regular meat, my heart skips beats for 3-5 days. Antibiotics? Grow Hormones? Other chemicals? I don’t know, but I do know that it makes me mad.

I will heal if its the last thing I do.

More to come, just a quick update.

Thank you,


Rant: I’m Mad at the Quality of Food in the United States

Why is it that a large percentage of the food in any given grocery store in the United States has ingredients that I can’t pronounce? Why are these ingredients allowed to be in our food? What are the purpose of these ingredients? To make the food taste better or last longer OR make us healthier? I fail to see how artificial colors makes the food a healthier thing that will make me healthier. Same thing goes for all the other additives and ingredients I can’t pronounce.

How did this even start? How did every manufacturer decide to add all of this “garbage” to our food. Was it for the almighty dollar bottom line? Food is supposed to be our medicine but instead it has become our disease starter. So many Americans are fat and sick and diseased. Cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, arthritis, cholesterol problems, aches and pains, and a whole host of other problems afflict so many people in our country. We didn’t used to be this way!

Do you want to see the statistics? They are staggering!! Stress is higher, food additives are in everything, and meat is no longer natural. I can’t even eat grocery store bought meat. My heart races and I feel like I’m having a panic attack. It lasts for about 2 weeks after eating a store bought steak that is conventionally raised. So far, grass fed beef does not make me feel sick. The down side? It costs an arm and a leg. It is a rare thing for me, and all I buy right now is grass fed ground beef. Usually it costs about $6.99/lb at the local King Supers.

Don’t laugh, but my kids used to say that a Zombie apocalypse would solve all of our problems….get rid of mass production food and chemical control. Now I think about what they used to say and think to myself…hmmm maybe (giggle).

Now as I write this, my youngest child, my daughter, is preparing to graduate high school in 9 days, and go to Marine Corp Boot camp in exactly 91 days. Yes…I silently freak out about this fact. My daughter and I are connected at the hip. We do everything together and I don’t know how I will function without her. This is my last child to grow up, except for my 20 year old son who is currently living in my basement…long story and that is for another blog post.

I have made a deal with myself: Marine Corp boot camp is 13 weeks long and she will be going through physical and mental stress that I can’t even imagine. So…I will be putting myself through a type of boot camp to get in shape while she is gone. I want to lose weight and show up at her graduation looking smokin hot!! Will you guys help? Encourage me? Fast with me? Keto with me? I will need the encouragement and help.

Thank you for reading


Time to Fast

So tonight after dinner I am going to start another fast. Two weeks ago I did water only. This time I am going to do coffee with heavy cream, bone broth, and Dr. Bergs electrolyte powder. Maybe this will help me to feel a little better.

When I did water only two weeks ago, the entire 6 days I spent laying down. I was so weak it was hard to climb the stairs in my house to get to my office. I was out of breath, weak, and tired. And yes, I did have pink salt every day….even took a few sigs of pickle juice but it didn’t help one bit. I know that with a water only fast, and me being in the state of ketosis already when I started, it wasn’t long before autophagy kicked in and I think this is why I felt like crap. To put it simply, I have a lot of garbage my body needs to take out.

This time, with having coffee and cream and more importantly, bone broth, I think this will ease some, if not all of the feelings of being weak. I wasn’t hungry the entire time, just some mental hunger. I think that’s to be expected from someone who is overweight….they are used to eating when its lunch or dinner time!

I made my own bone broth and it came out excellent! When it was done cooling in the fridge, I skimmed 95% of the fat off and let it sit another 24 hours. When it was done it was a solid thick gelatinous bowl of perfection. If your read Dr. KellyAnn, this means that you made it correctly….lots of collagen makes it like jello. If you aren’t familiar with Dr. KellyAnn, I suggest you check out her book. Its called Dr. KellyAnn’s Bone Broth Diet. It makes fasting easier, heals leaky gut syndrome, helps you burn fat, and you joints feel 20 years younger!! At least mine do.

Thanks for reading


Tuesday….It Sucked

The first day of eating after fasting you would think is a wonderful day. That is a fallacy. Nothing tastes as good as you mind tells you it will. Why is that? My theory is because your insulin is lower, glucose is lower, and your craving is mental….not physical. You have made a huge stride in healing your body when you do a 6 day water fast. Healing your mental “need” for food is quite another.

Nothing tasted good. About the only thing that matched my mental flavor was my coffee and heavy cream. Ahhhh….my old standby. It is ever faithful and satisfying. I think I could just coffee and cream fast. I made a cheese burger (grass fed of course) and leftover cauliflower and cheese. It’s my version of Mac n Cheese, but with cauliflower so is Keto approved. It is the best thing next to sliced bread in the Keto world. Not only is it tasty, but it is high in fat, moderate in protein, and litteraly devoid of horrible carbs! Everything just tasted okay.

BUT….yes there is a wonderful but. My glucose was low all day…in the lower 90’s. Amazing. I need to do some more prolonged fasting. More on that later. Maybe I will do a 3 day next week? Something to ponder perhaps. My blood sugar has been staying in the 90’s now…instead of the One-teens or One-Twentys so I think fasting helped.

Let’s see what the next fast brings.

Thanks for reading….Heather

Remember When Pasta Didn’t Make You Fat?!

I do. I ate pasta five times a week as a teenage and on into my early twenties. I didn’t really have any consequences from that either. If I gained a few pounds, all I did was work out a little more and skimp on a meal or two and POOF…fat loss occurred.

I remember my daily routine when I was 21 and it was the best time of my life. I worked from 10:00am till 8pm Monday through Friday. My job was awesome…little stress except that I needed to look good. I was a receptionist for a doctor who took care of celebrities in Hollywood, CA. I was the face of the company, so had to have a decent body. I would party with my friends at bars 4-5 nights a week and still go to work every day on time….Thank God for the 10am start!!

I remember one time, I had gained a few pounds…okay, 20 lbs. I joined the gym, Bally Fitness, and started going every day after work. I would come home, make a bowl of past and melt Velveeta on it (cringe) and eat that….and only that. Then I would shower and go to bed only to do the same routine all over again. Not only did I feel great, but I lost those 20lbs in about a month and a half.

Fast forward 15 years, and 4 c-sections later. I’m a good 50 lbs overweight, I’m diagnosed Celiacs (didn’t know what that was at the time), and I can’t lose weight to save my life. How did my body change so much in those 15 years. I mean come on! I know having babies changes a woman’s body. But while pregnant I ate pretty healthy, didn’t smoke, drink, or do any drugs. I breastfed all four of my kids, but they were so close in age (about one year and 3 months apart each) that my body didn’t have to recover.

My teeth were practically rotting out of my head. I went to the dentist and had over 15 cavities and had to have two teeth pulled. And I brushed and flossed and used mouthwash….I wasn’t a candy person either. My body was beginning the breakdown. It couldn’t cope with everything that was happening. And the cherry on top? My marriage was falling apart as he was abusive both physically and mentally. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was sleeping with everything that walked.

The stress of everything that was happening to me really took its toll. I was 250lbs, sick all the time, my heart skipped beats constantly, I was on edge, and if someone popped a ballon near me, I’m sure I would be like a cat with its nails dug into the ceiling hanging upside down.

It would still be many years late before I figured out what was wrong. I was just stuck in a cope scenario. Cope with stress…cope with sickness…cope with divorce etc. Now, I’m 45 and I FINALLY figured out what is wrong with me….It wasn’t just one thing. That’s why I decided that 2019 was the year of Heather….the year of ME! I was going to take back my health.

Research has shown me that I needed to change a lot of things….diet….stress response…etc. Dump the crap in my life in order to feel good. It is 2 steps forward, one step back though. At 44 I had my first allergy and actual blood test for Celiacs disease. I guess there are two main types; one is common. I have the common kind. I also found out that I have a sensitivity to rice, which I love. But guess what?! Rice makes you fat! Yay! Just take everything away from me universe!! (I’m shaking a closed fist into the sky).

I’m going to be doing another water fast next week. Monday to Wednesday if anyone wants to join me. But I will be taking Dr. Eric Berg’s electrolyte powder, and trace minerals this time.

More on my life later…..thanks for reading.