Time to Fast

So tonight after dinner I am going to start another fast. Two weeks ago I did water only. This time I am going to do coffee with heavy cream, bone broth, and Dr. Bergs electrolyte powder. Maybe this will help me to feel a little better.

When I did water only two weeks ago, the entire 6 days I spent laying down. I was so weak it was hard to climb the stairs in my house to get to my office. I was out of breath, weak, and tired. And yes, I did have pink salt every day….even took a few sigs of pickle juice but it didn’t help one bit. I know that with a water only fast, and me being in the state of ketosis already when I started, it wasn’t long before autophagy kicked in and I think this is why I felt like crap. To put it simply, I have a lot of garbage my body needs to take out.

This time, with having coffee and cream and more importantly, bone broth, I think this will ease some, if not all of the feelings of being weak. I wasn’t hungry the entire time, just some mental hunger. I think that’s to be expected from someone who is overweight….they are used to eating when its lunch or dinner time!

I made my own bone broth and it came out excellent! When it was done cooling in the fridge, I skimmed 95% of the fat off and let it sit another 24 hours. When it was done it was a solid thick gelatinous bowl of perfection. If your read Dr. KellyAnn, this means that you made it correctly….lots of collagen makes it like jello. If you aren’t familiar with Dr. KellyAnn, I suggest you check out her book. Its called Dr. KellyAnn’s Bone Broth Diet. It makes fasting easier, heals leaky gut syndrome, helps you burn fat, and you joints feel 20 years younger!! At least mine do.

Thanks for reading


Tuesday….It Sucked

The first day of eating after fasting you would think is a wonderful day. That is a fallacy. Nothing tastes as good as you mind tells you it will. Why is that? My theory is because your insulin is lower, glucose is lower, and your craving is mental….not physical. You have made a huge stride in healing your body when you do a 6 day water fast. Healing your mental “need” for food is quite another.

Nothing tasted good. About the only thing that matched my mental flavor was my coffee and heavy cream. Ahhhh….my old standby. It is ever faithful and satisfying. I think I could just coffee and cream fast. I made a cheese burger (grass fed of course) and leftover cauliflower and cheese. It’s my version of Mac n Cheese, but with cauliflower so is Keto approved. It is the best thing next to sliced bread in the Keto world. Not only is it tasty, but it is high in fat, moderate in protein, and litteraly devoid of horrible carbs! Everything just tasted okay.

BUT….yes there is a wonderful but. My glucose was low all day…in the lower 90’s. Amazing. I need to do some more prolonged fasting. More on that later. Maybe I will do a 3 day next week? Something to ponder perhaps. My blood sugar has been staying in the 90’s now…instead of the One-teens or One-Twentys so I think fasting helped.

Let’s see what the next fast brings.

Thanks for reading….Heather

Remember When Pasta Didn’t Make You Fat?!

I do. I ate pasta five times a week as a teenage and on into my early twenties. I didn’t really have any consequences from that either. If I gained a few pounds, all I did was work out a little more and skimp on a meal or two and POOF…fat loss occurred.

I remember my daily routine when I was 21 and it was the best time of my life. I worked from 10:00am till 8pm Monday through Friday. My job was awesome…little stress except that I needed to look good. I was a receptionist for a doctor who took care of celebrities in Hollywood, CA. I was the face of the company, so had to have a decent body. I would party with my friends at bars 4-5 nights a week and still go to work every day on time….Thank God for the 10am start!!

I remember one time, I had gained a few pounds…okay, 20 lbs. I joined the gym, Bally Fitness, and started going every day after work. I would come home, make a bowl of past and melt Velveeta on it (cringe) and eat that….and only that. Then I would shower and go to bed only to do the same routine all over again. Not only did I feel great, but I lost those 20lbs in about a month and a half.

Fast forward 15 years, and 4 c-sections later. I’m a good 50 lbs overweight, I’m diagnosed Celiacs (didn’t know what that was at the time), and I can’t lose weight to save my life. How did my body change so much in those 15 years. I mean come on! I know having babies changes a woman’s body. But while pregnant I ate pretty healthy, didn’t smoke, drink, or do any drugs. I breastfed all four of my kids, but they were so close in age (about one year and 3 months apart each) that my body didn’t have to recover.

My teeth were practically rotting out of my head. I went to the dentist and had over 15 cavities and had to have two teeth pulled. And I brushed and flossed and used mouthwash….I wasn’t a candy person either. My body was beginning the breakdown. It couldn’t cope with everything that was happening. And the cherry on top? My marriage was falling apart as he was abusive both physically and mentally. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was sleeping with everything that walked.

The stress of everything that was happening to me really took its toll. I was 250lbs, sick all the time, my heart skipped beats constantly, I was on edge, and if someone popped a ballon near me, I’m sure I would be like a cat with its nails dug into the ceiling hanging upside down.

It would still be many years late before I figured out what was wrong. I was just stuck in a cope scenario. Cope with stress…cope with sickness…cope with divorce etc. Now, I’m 45 and I FINALLY figured out what is wrong with me….It wasn’t just one thing. That’s why I decided that 2019 was the year of Heather….the year of ME! I was going to take back my health.

Research has shown me that I needed to change a lot of things….diet….stress response…etc. Dump the crap in my life in order to feel good. It is 2 steps forward, one step back though. At 44 I had my first allergy and actual blood test for Celiacs disease. I guess there are two main types; one is common. I have the common kind. I also found out that I have a sensitivity to rice, which I love. But guess what?! Rice makes you fat! Yay! Just take everything away from me universe!! (I’m shaking a closed fist into the sky).

I’m going to be doing another water fast next week. Monday to Wednesday if anyone wants to join me. But I will be taking Dr. Eric Berg’s electrolyte powder, and trace minerals this time.

More on my life later…..thanks for reading.


Warning: TMI

So I started the day waking up hungry….I knew I was going to break my fast. I don’t ever wake up hungry, but I was starving. I was very weak also, and this makes working very hard. I not only had to do my job, but I was covering for a person out on medical leave starting today and for the next two weeks….UGH! I started working but decided by 11:00 am that enough was enough.

I suspected that I was going to feel this way so made a bone broth in the slow cooker. I Poured a bowl and starting eating…slowly. I had lost .6 lbs this morning, so a total just over 10 lbs so I was ready to eat today. So here is the TMI part. About an hour later, my insides started to cramp and gurgle. I spent the next 30 minutes in the bathroom with every bit of what I ate coming out of me….violently. So much for starting to eat!! I just ate dinner…waiting to see if it stays in me.

On a happy note, I didn’t have a Dawn Effect. My morning blood glucose level was 85. I was so happy. And then I checked my blood sugar two hours after I ate and it was 119. Thats pretty normal. So I have made some health progress strides…huge strides

So what’s next for me? I decided to fast 42 hours three times a week and when I do eat, it will be what Dr. Eric Berg calls “Healthy Keto”. This means eating 7-10 cups of veggies per day, 3-6 oz of protein per meal, and fat to top it off. I will drink coffee with a few tablespoons of heavy cream and a few drops of liquid organic stevia. The rest of the day will be water; flat and bubbly.

I booked my vacation for February 2020 for the Dominican Republic. I need to be bikini ready….not perfect, but close if possible. I will do another extended fast in the next 2-3 weeks….probably for 3-4 days. One thing that did not go away this time during my fast was the feeling of always being weak. No matter what I did, licking salt, drinking a big glass of water, resting, etc., I always felt weak. I figure that was because this was the first time I was able to have a “normal” blood sugar level and my body hasn’t been there in over two years really. My insulin was down, glucose was down, and ketones were UP!

I just started using a new fasting app called Life Fasting on the Apple App Store. IT IS SOOOO COOL! If you fast, you should check it out. It tells you when you are most likely in Ketosis, autophagy, and when your HGH(Human Growth Hormone) is starting or going up. It even connects you with a fasting community, which is cool. I haven’t used that feature yet, but I will play around with it and let you know what I think.

I’m going to take pictures tomorrow, as I didn’t have time today. And weigh myself. I suspect that I will have gained about 3 lbs with food etc in me. I’ll let you know….but for now, I am fasting again and don’t plan on eating tomorrow except for coffee with cream and water. More to follow tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

89 Hours Fasted So Far…..

Hello everyone. I am closing in on finishing day four of water fasting. When I weighed myself this morning I lost another 1.8 lbs. WOW!! That means in 3 days I have lost 7 lbs exactly. That is the most weight I have lost in that amount of time in years. Ok…this water fasting thing is working. How long can I keep it up is the question.

I woke up this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:15 am….and today is Saturday, my one day to sleep in as long as I like. I laid there for about an hour assessing how I felt…I felt good! The lethargy was gone…thank God as that has been tough for me. I used the bathroom, and then went to my office to jump on the scale and take my blood sugar. Usually with the dawn effect I have been around 120 in the morning, but today was 105…Progress.

I decided I could do my normal chores for the day and went to Costco without my husband to help me. The food didn’t tempt me which surprised me. My hunger is just about non-existent. Mental hunger is pretty in check too. I love the taste of Fiji water, so I’m drinking that with a couple of dropper fulls of Dr. Eric Burg’s trace mineral liquid. This is to, hopefully, circumvent my hair from falling out as this is a very common problem for prolonged water fasters.

I stopped by the grocery butcher on the way home and bought some beef knuckles and soup bones, and they also had pigs feet. I know what you are thinking…gross! But I make my own bone broth and I will put one in to get the collagen from it….I won’t actually eat it but will strain it out. I tend to leave the beef parts in as I love to eat those.

When I decide to come off of this 14+ day water fast, I will make bone broth to sip. I have read that this is the easiest way to come off of an extended fast and easiest on your gut. This is very important for me since I have Celiac’s Disease. I try to be extra kind to my insides. Then I will probably have some steamed veggies, cauliflower is my fav, with some grass fed butter. I use Kerrygold brand as I find that tastes really good to me.

One of my many medical problems that I hope to cure, or at the very least make better, is my severe dry eye. Two and a half years ago my eyes stopped producing moisture overnight. Not only did my tears stop being produced, but the surface of my eye stopped making the mucousy layer. This was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. My cornea disintegrated and my pain was a ten. I called my eye doctor and he saw me right away.

Dr. MacDonald looks to be about twenty years old, but he is the most caring man. He told me that my eyes were severely dry and that my eyes were full of corneal abrasions. He said my eyes and all of the adjoining flesh was highly irritated and inflamed. I didn’t know what the correlation was at the time, but my blood sugar was in the pre-diabetic range at that time and I was obese. I was becoming a type II diabetic and didn’t even know.

One of the facts that I have learned since that day was that dry eye and inflammation can occur when your insulin is constantly high. That was me in a nut shell. I would spend the next 3 months in agony, with no improvement, and no end to the searing burning pain of my eyes. Many amazing things happened to me at this point. I wrote out my will (voice to text works great when you can’t open your eyes), I found God, truly, and I vowed that if I got through this I would live a healthier life and fix my body.

I did lose some weight since then, but I gained about 10 lbs of it back slowly of the last year, so this wasn’t me living up to my vow. That brings me to today and why I am water fasting. I am doing it for several reasons. I need to finally heal my body, lose this weight, and just feel better!

I find recipes all of the time. If you haven’t tried fathead pizza, it is the best thing in the world! Let me know what content you are interested in and I will incorporate it into my blog. In the mean time, I will keep fasting, keep posting my daily weight and daily struggles to accomplish this goal of mine, and I will start posting information that I find that I find Ketogenically relevant.

Thanks for reading!!

The Beginning is Often HARD!

Welcome to my blog. I will be writing about my daily life, my health struggles, what I research and find (and sometimes implement), and eventually how I heal my body. As I write this post, I am in the midst of an extended water fast. I just finished day three of a fourteen day water fast….I have never made it past day five of just water. But, this time feels different. My hunger is a lot less. My resolve is really high. I will accomplish this goal. I currently need to lose around 75 lbs….the same 75 lbs that have been there for YEARS!!

I have tried everything….Keto, Weight Watchers, the lemon/cayenne pepper/maple syrup fast (that one really sucked), vegan, vegetarianism, Atkins, Mediterranean, and counting calories to name just a few. NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING has worked. So, upon tons of research, many books read, many medical papers gone over, talking to doctors, and watching tons of youtube videos, I think I may have finally figured out what is wrong with me. Finally….Is this the answer that I’ve been searching for?

My insulin is constantly high…my blood glucose is high, and even when I eat Keto for months and months, with 18 to 20 hours daily fasts, it doesn’t come down. Why??? Well, I have wrecked my body for almost two decades and it will take more than a couple of months to heal. And it will take longer to heal just doing Keto and intermittent fasting. All of my research indicates that I must do an extended fast. How the heck am I going to do an extended water fast when I haven’t be able to get past five days before….ever!

So, my blood sugar is normally in the 115-124 range. This, according to just about every website says I am pre-diabetic…or inching towards that. So it wasn’t really a surprise that my blood sugar took 3 days of fasting to come down into the high 90’s. I’ve been faithfully Keto since December 26th 2018 and I still have a liver putting out glucose. Sheesh!

With longs fasts like the one that I have embarked on, maybe I can heal myself. I have read all of Dr. Jason Fung, all of Dr. Eric Berg, and watched all of their videos on youtube.com. I’ve tried everything else, so why not.

In two days I have lost 5.2 lbs….I will keep reporting my weight loss achievements every day because I weight every day. I have my before pictures and as soon as I have made some milestone changes in my weight, I will post before and during pics.

Thanks for reading my first blog post….a lot more to come