Weight Loss; Health, More Than What you Eat……

Your mental health has a lot to do with your physical heath. They are intimately tied together. I just finished a 14 day waterfast where I lost 19 lbs. Physically I feel great from the fast, and mentally I took the time to look inward and reflect on points in my life. The emotional part of eating, in my opinion, has a lot to do with what you have been through, your thought process, personal happiness, and what you desire in life…..to name a few key points.

I have now been a Carnivore for almost 8 months. I have healed a few things in my body. Not all are better, but as a 46 year old woman who has spent the last 20 years feeling like crap, it’s going to take more than 8 months to heal everything. Especially since it took way more than 8 months to get where I am.

Mentally, I have a long list of tragic, stressful, and just plain awful events in my life that have happened. But I think a lot of people have seasons in their lives that are not perfect, or some that are downright traumatic! I know I have quite a few.

Emotions are something that drives me to eat. Oh, I’m happy…lets celebrate with cookies…Oh, I’m sad, I’m going to eat everything in sight. Oh, I’m bored….guess I’ll get a snack. Even when you get a hold of “emotional eating”, its still there in the back of your mind. The only thing that has worked for me is 100% abstinence of snacking. Good or bad snacking, it doesn’t matter. I only eat my meals now. If I want to snack, I know nothing good will come of it in the long run. I might not gain from one little snack, but it is a pattern of behavior.

So What I have done for the last 8 months, with ONE “cheat day” that was out of my control, I’ll explain in a minute. I have lost over 30 lbs, and reversed about 20+ medical symptoms….some of which were debilitating me in one capacity or another. I joined the MeatRx community with Dr. Shawn Baker on April 12th. I haven’t looked back. I have accomplished things I have never been able to while doing keto.

I have ALWAYS wanted to complete what I call a 14 day Dr. Fung water fast as described in his book The Obesity Code (great, life changing book if you haven’t read it as of yet). I just completed this last week. I lost 19 lbs and countless inches! I can’t even tell you how many times I have tried to complete a 14 day water fast…to numerous to count actually.

As far as the above mentioned cheat day….I was driving from Oceanside, CA to Colorado Springs, which in itself is an 17 hour drive, when a shootout between a cop and a guy who was pulled over happened on the freeway. At the point that this happened I had about 5 hours left in the trip. We were at a standstill for over 7 hours while the highway became a crime scene as the man pulled over was shot and killed. The backup on the freeway was over 100 miles in both directions. By the time I got to a hotel, I was delirious and could hardly walk. In the parking lot was a burger place…I got some French fries and a burger….ask me if I cared at that point, the answer was no LOL. I almost didn’t have the strength to get to my room because at that point I had been up for almost 2 days straight with most of it spent behind the wheel. Within 24 hours I was back in DEEP ketosis.

So now, I eat a very high fat diet which will be explained in detail in my next blog post. I have never felt better and I can’t wait to see how I feel a year from now.

Thank you!!

Heather aka HealthyOne

3…2…1… RANT

Sorry I have been gone so long. I have been dealing with some personal issues. My daughter is leaving for boot camp in 5 short weeks, she just graduated from high school and is entering the military world via the Marine Corp. Majorly proud momma.

On top of that, she has a tooth that was damaged when she was 6 when she fell face first into a cement slab. We have been watching this front tooth since that day and as of 2 years ago it was starting to die. I was told that we couldn’t do anything about this tooth till she was 25 because that would be when her jaw would stop growing. So since then I haven’t paid much attention to it as there is no pain.

As a precaution I decided to get my daughters teeth cleaned before she goes to boot camp just so I had peace of mind…no cavities or anything. BUT, her tooth is now infected at the root level. It is her front tooth so we can’t just pull it out. Can you image an 18 year old girl at boot camp missing a front tooth??? She said she would be mortified.

So, in rush her dentist and dental surgeon. I have everyone fast tracking a Maryland bridge, and pulling the tooth, and putting in a piece of cadaver bone all within two weeks. Crisis averted by paying a lot.

Then on top of this, I have been carnivore now for over two months….I have cheated a few times, but I have noticed that my body is changing shape….no I haven’t weighed myself. My husband has complimented me on how much “tighter” I look…his words, not mine. “Oh, and your butt is smaller”. I guess that’s a good thing too, LOL.

So my question is, have you guys seen this new vegan “burger” patty that is out????? Can you say hidden agenda???? Look at the ingredients and tell me that this is healthy for you….If you can say that with a straight face, then you are a FUCKING liar….sorry for the language but this thing is ridiculous. If I ate that many chemicals, my liver would tell me its done. OMG

Please don’t buy into this piece of crap “food” (word is used loosely). It is another FoodLike Substance. Eat real food. Let me ask any vegan what they would eat if they were in the wild. Berries? maybe if there were somewhere warm year round. Tubers, likely….but unskilled people would find fish and rabbits and the like their main source of nourishment.

Have you ever seen the show Alone? These people get dropped into the wilderness and they are forced to survive in intense climates. I don’t think they are going to be picking fake vegan burgers off of any tree or bush.

Rant is over…..for now.

Thank you,